I sit with my back flush against a red brick building, my eyes closed. I feel the wind caressing my […]
The people are all shuffling around me trying to get to all the various places, people, and things. They have […]
All I could smell was her hair… burning. The smoke of the flames began to fill the air and caused […]
I sit in a room filled with the lost people of the system. Many of them reeking of cigarette smoke […]
I stand before your towering mass, rigid and clean hews of the stone that makes you what you are. I […]
The room is shrouded in darkness around me, if you could call it a room. There are no walls just […]
I stand in front of a mirror. My face has a large grin on it, my eyes seem to sparkle […]
I stand alone. The walls are bare and rotting. I can feel them beginning to wake, the floor pulsing beneath […]
I see the lights of civilization just over the bluff. The bright street lamps flickering as the cars twist and […]
My mind is a tangled mess of hate and disappointment. Unable to take the torrent of random emotions, I lay […]