Cut It Out When I get this way, the way I always get, all I can see are the cracks. The cracks in my perceived reality, the one that is not shared with the rest of the world. My own personal slice of existence. Cut It Out I look forward […]
You sit in the room, it is comprised of basic necessities and memorabilia, yet you feel trapped, eager to get away, to run and keep running. However, that room is merely four walls, it can be a sanctuary as well as a prison, depending on what you choose to perceive. […]
I sit with my back flush against a red brick building, my eyes closed. I feel the wind caressing my unshaven face. I hear it rustle the leaves of the nearby trees, soft and then strong, the trees making beautiful music as the wind changes speed. I could be in […]
The people are all shuffling around me trying to get to all the various places, people, and things. They have responsibilities, a life to maintain, loved ones to care for. I am not like them. I have none of those, my life is one of stillness and pain. I stand […]
All I could smell was her hair… burning. The smoke of the flames began to fill the air and caused me to cough violently. Soon the fire began to devour her face and torso, however she did not scream. With what remained of her face I could see her lips […]
I sit in a room filled with the lost people of the system. Many of them reeking of cigarette smoke and booze. It seems I am the only one that showered. They wear worn shoes or crocs, they talk loud and angrily with their friends and family. They almost scream […]
I stand before your towering mass, rigid and clean hews of the stone that makes you what you are. I am dwarfed in comparison, yet what I seek, what I crave, is at the top where your mind is. Where your thinking and feeling parts are. I search for even […]
The room is shrouded in darkness around me, if you could call it a room. There are no walls just a floor of black concrete and a type of heavy grey mist that swirls where the horizon should be. I have put myself in this place, this empty dark place. […]
I stand in front of a mirror. My face has a large grin on it, my eyes seem to sparkle in the dimly lit bathroom. Always greet the world with a smile! Indeed I did. My cheeks are full with small dimples showing from my smile, my face is warm […]
I stand alone. The walls are bare and rotting. I can feel them beginning to wake, the floor pulsing beneath me, they were there as they always were. The claws reach up grasping for my calves, clawing at my flesh leaving streaks of blood. More hands reach up from nowhere […]