The Devil is Doubt

The Devil is Doubt – Audio Version

Doubt is quiet and subtle as it worms its way into your consciousness, into your soul, and it is deadly. Deadly not to your physical being, but to your emotional and psychological being. It makes you second guess your work, your art, your relationships, with those sinister words, “Is this good enough?”. Which in western society usually correlates with “am I good enough?”. The answer to that question is always yes, in this moment you are everything you are suppose to be, but tomorrow might be a different story. Doubt is insidious in its constant whispers into our minds, wearing us down, until we can’t even think clearly.

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Siren’s Song

Siren’s Song – Audio Version

We all have one that plays for us, that we listen to out of habit or wanting. Often it is from a desperation to escape some mental or physical circumstances, or something to give us a temporary high or to clear our head. That is what the Siren’s Song of addiction is, it lures you in with a sweet melody and then once it has you it never lets you go. You may go a month, a year, 10 years, the song still plays and a part of you always wants to go towards the song, for relief from life or simply the burden of your abstinence.

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It Swells It Consumes

It Swells It Consumes – Audio Version

The pain swells up unexpectedly as you sit quietly alone, your mind wanders too close to the abyss, to the depths of your psyche. In that moment you are consumed by pain, throbbing from past mistakes and failures. The pain is so real, so tangible, yet only you can see it, experience it. That is the downfall of psychological pain, it consumes us and cripples us, yet everyone else, the ephemeral “them”, see nothing but a weak individual not following the steps they are suppose to. To them you are just another broken toy, easily discarded and forgotten. Yet you are a person. You matter. Your struggles and pain matters. You overcoming those, matters.

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