The room is shrouded in darkness around me, if you could call it a room. There are no walls just a floor of black concrete and a type of heavy grey mist that swirls where the horizon should be. I have put myself in this place, this empty dark place. I always knew it would end here. Yet I followed my heart, that beating organ that everyone says to listen to. Its voice is now out of sync, there is no melody to its pain or madness, just the high pitched strings deafening me in this quiet place.

The cloud of mist stops swirling and starts to pulse as if it were alive, out of the fog walks a woman made of ash. My heart begins to thud endlessly against my rib cage and I start to shake. No this isn’t possible. The figure draws closer to me and I try to turn and run, but I can not. I am rooted down somehow, paralyzed with anticipation. As she walks closer, her body flaking off and reconstructing again, she reaches out a hand to touch my face. I wince and try to pull away.

She is here, in reality none of this would be possible, however this room does not bend to the same laws. Her pulsing hand of ash caresses my face and I see a type of smile as her features begin to solidify. My heart is singing the song I know all to well, the song that was for her. This time I can not allow it. She presses against my body and kisses me, I taste not ash, but what she used to taste like.

My heart is about to burst from the elation of it all, but I can not play this game, her game. Not again. She is reaching her arms around me now, to consume me and then leave me rotting, just like before. I rest control of my body for an instant and with a scream that had been in my belly for decades I chop the misty form in half with my hand. With that the ash pauses for a moment and then falls to the ground. The mist around me all falls, leaving me alone in the black concrete structure. I see a speck of light on the far wall, in the distance, so far…


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