I sit with my back flush against a red brick building, my eyes closed. I feel the wind caressing my unshaven face. I hear it rustle the leaves of the nearby trees, soft and then strong, the trees making beautiful music as the wind changes speed. I could be in this moment forever, with the trees and the wind. The gusts get stronger and I relish it, each bough of each tree making slightly different and unique sounds, all coming together to give me that feeling. That feeling that my heart is in rhythm with everything, and I never want to let go.

It starts softy at first, a bike flies by, it’s aluminum wheels clicking against some rubber. Then the brakes of a car. A couple walks by, softly conversing and kissing. It all begins to grow louder and louder. The sounds of the city are overtaking that of the wind and trees. Another person walks by shouting at her phone. A car honks and a few heated words are exchanged.

I open my eyes and see the street corner I am sitting on. The wind is still blowing, but it seems to have lost its power. The trees are still rustling, but are barely audible amidst all the chaos that is daily life. I look up and see many of the trees choked by power lines and buildings, growing in awkward angles due to the ego of man.

I am not meant for this place, for this time, I am a creature not made for such things. I need the star dotted sky and the clouds and the wind and the trees. I need it all, but I am just a man, lost in time.


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