I see the lights of civilization just over the bluff. The bright street lamps flickering as the cars twist and turn about the city streets. The high rises illuminated with life, with families, with people. Yet they are beyond me, they exist in a world that has no place for one like me. The floorboards in front of the window creak and bough beneath my weight. There are no lights in this house, no life, no families, no people.

I am not a person, as I tell myself like they did, I do not live. With that I sink to my knees and the vision of the city is blocked by a wall of flaking blue paint, covered in a type of greenish mold. I let a sigh out, no one can find me here. I wish someone would, I wish they would, but no, it is best this way. With that I begin to eat my toes, ripping pieces off to gulp down, the pain is enormous, but it is the only way. The bones make an audible pop as I grind them between what teeth I have left. I get to the foot and start to swallow it whole. I, like the snake, begin to devour myself from bottom to top. I have my gaping maw wrenched open like a python, working my way up to my knees. I wonder if they remember me?

The spine by far is the most challenging part, contorting myself to eat each individual vertebrae, but all must be consumed in the dark of this dead hollow house. Snapping my neck with my mandible I feel all the pain drift away, the nerves severed, all that’s left is the skull, that holds one of the most vital organs for any species, a delicacy to some. My jaw separates from my skull and opens to do the last final gulp, bon appétit.

I press my fingers to my eyes, they have been staring at a screen for how long? I have no idea. I look around, all the lights are off, the only source of light being the monitor in front of the window. Yes the window. I look out it and see the shadow that is the old farm house outside the city limits. Wouldn’t it be nice to be out there, alone, without all the city noises and lights, no one, no people.


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