We all know these people, we have met and even befriended them numerous times in our lives, perhaps we are […]
I sit in my car parked on a rather desolate beach, almost no other people are around. The waves are […]
“What are you worth?” This is an odd question because worth is subjective, however our society in the west, measures […]
Doubt is quiet and subtle as it worms its way into your consciousness, into your soul, and it is deadly. […]
We all have one that plays for us, that we listen to out of habit or wanting. Often it is […]
The pain swells up unexpectedly as you sit quietly alone, your mind wanders too close to the abyss, to the […]
You sit in the corner of a small room with the door closed. You are chained to the corner, both […]
I am better. At least so far, I still worry that I will go into the perilous depths again, a […]
Possibilities. We all have them, lurking perhaps where we least expect them, but they are there, waiting. They can be […]
I was 17 at the time, undiagnosed, and my mind had been circling the roaring abyss for weeks. I was […]