Turalyon stood firmly at the front of the Vindicaar, looking down upon Azeroth, the Azeroth he and its champions had saved. He watched as the shifting clouds above the Broken Isles dissipated leaving that once battleground seem serene from his view up in the heavens. He glanced at some other clouds forming a storm at what would be the plains of the Barrens, home to his new enemy, the Horde. The same Horde he had hosted on this ship to wage war on the surface of Argus, to finally once and for all put an end to the Burning Legion and its master, Sargeras.

He shut his eyes for a moment thinking, a thousand years in the Nether fighting, only to come home and have to fight again. His brow furrowed, always another war to fight, he thought. Opening his eyes again to see Azeroth, his eyes resting on Sargeras’ final act, the giant sword looming over the surface, its hilt muddled with clouds in the sky…

“Turalyon…” Alleria’s voice echoed slightly in the Vindicaar’s open deck, breaking his concentration. “Come down to the forge, I have something I wish to speak about,” she told him as she turned to walk down the stairs, her cape swaying with her hips, her voice was soft and inviting. Turalyon took one last look upon Azeroth before turning to head down the other side of stairs that led to the Netherlight Crucible.

⬖   ⬖   ⬖

Alleria waited for Turalyon down by the Netherlight Crucible, she stood on the side that the shadow was on, and not by accident. Turalyon, after all that had transpired with her and the fallen Naaru as well as the final defeat of their sworn enemy, Sargeras, had not mentioned the void or what it had done to her, in fact he had been quite distant. A distance she wished to close. It is because he does not love you, has never loved you, it was a falsehood, your true purpose is clear if only you would submit. The whispers whirled in her mind but she paid them little attention. Their lies were part of her ‘gift’ from the void.

Finally Turalyon came down the side of stairs next to the light of the Netherlight Crucible, he seemed tense.

“What is going on in that head of yours I wonder?” Alleria’s voice soft, almost like a song.

Turalyon realized his brow was furrowed and relaxed. He looked at Alleria and said “So much has happened in such a small amount of time. We dedicated a millenia to defeating the Burning Legion and in the end it took Azeroth’s champion’s and us both to finally end that war for ourselves and our world, but not before Sargeras could commit one last devastating act.”

He was speaking of course of the Sword that had been driven into Silithus and the strange substance that everyone was after, leaking to the surface, as if Azeroth herself were bleeding. He feared as she did that another war would soon erupt, not in the Nether this time, but on home soil. He is of the light he could never love one such as you, he hates you but is too much a coward to admit it, end him, kill him and put the light out.

“My dear Turalyon, after all this time we are finally home, with our son. We must protect it and him. We are part of the Alliance now along with our Lightforged and Void Elf allies. My people are lost to me… for now, but we have a home beyond this ship, on solid ground with the wind in our hair.” she said to him sweetly.

Turalyon looked at her longingly, she was right as she so often was. They had their son back and home on solid ground. Even if war did erupt because of Sargeras’ final act it would be a war he was willing to fight. He nodded at her knowingly.

Alleria let out a soft chuckle and looked at the forge they stood next to, “You know we are not so different from this forge it would seem my love. I am the shadow and you are the light, apart we are powerful, but together we are stronger,” she said as she regarded him.

“I..” Turalyon started, “I don’t know if that is true Alleria. You have been changed, but my love for you has not faltered. However allowing the void into you such as you have, are you not afraid of what that will do?” He asked sincerely.

Alleria took her shoulder from the wall where she had been resting it and walked in front of the forge toward Turalyon, she began to radiate void energy. The energy swirled around her smoky like a cloud but darted around unpredictably. Turalyon stood solid and as she approached the light that he had within him shown radiant. They were a mere step away and the void and light clashed. Turalyon hesitated, but then moved closer to Alleria. She in turn moved closer. She took her hand up towards his face…KILL HIM! KILL HIM NOW…and cupped it softly in her hand. They embraced and shared a tender kiss. As they kissed the light and void energy seemed to intermingle, where there was no light, there was shadow, where there was no shadow there was light. It swirled around both of them in perfect harmony, balanced, powerful.

Alleria let go of Turalyon and their tender kiss and let the void energy dissipate, Turalyon did the same.

“See stronger together.” She said smiling into Turalyon’s warm eyes.

“Stronger together.” He said, “Now let us go home and see Arator. It is time to be on Azeroth again.”

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  1. Oh man. I am glad i waited to read this until after watching the cut scenes. I am a little sad at the same time. Good stuff bro. Keep it up.

  2. Do you have any kind of pointers for writing articles? That’s where I always struggle and
    I just wind up gazing empty screen for lengthy time.

    • Just write what you want or feel. Take yourself out of the mindset that has to be a certain way and just write. In the end you will find what you want to post. That is just my 2 cents though. 🙂

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