Possibilities – Audio Version

Possibilities. We all have them, lurking perhaps where we least expect them, but they are there, waiting. They can be hard to see because of the perception we allow our minds to be in. Perception, the way we perceive the world, is a choice, a choice we make everyday sometimes without realizing it. We can see the world as a scary place, wrought with inevitable misfortune and harrowing pains, or we can see it as a beautiful and amazing place, filled with opportunity and joy. In the end it is our choice, same world, same shared reality that we all inhabit, but how we choose to see it matters.

I, like many of you, make bad choices when it comes to my perception of this world. My default setting seems to be one of fear, anxiety, and depression. Fear that I am not enough, that I am somehow not living up to my potential. This fear cripples me until I spend days on end doing nothing but trying to escape fear’s wide open maw, hanging ever open hoping to swallow me whole. I run because it is fight or flight, and unfortunately I tend to flight, hoping the next place will be better, the next job, the next relationship, all the while ignoring the common denominator. Me.

Somehow in all the humdrum of life I forget to breath and find myself reeling from lack of oxygen, gasping for breath suddenly, letting it fill my lungs only to have my mouth snap back shut in fear. Because of all this I fail to see possibilities as they arise time and time again in my life, stuck in the thick sludge of my mind wondering where they all are as they sit there staring me straight in the face as if gawking at me wondering why I do not see them.

How we choose to see the world is usually set to whatever default our unconscious mind set for us long ago, unbeknownst to us. But it is possible to change that default, to perceive the world that surrounds us with joy and a soft smile knowing it will all be ok. Thus letting us see those possibilities beckoning us onwards, forwards, to something more. Changing your perception takes time and patience, it won’t happen in an epiphany as lightning strikes your mind, but slowly, gradually, as you let your default setting shift through perseverance.

There is a beautiful world out there for us to see and breath in, to live in, filled with possibility, but we must choose everyday to see it. At least I have to.


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