What are you Worth? – Audio Version

“What are you worth?” This is an odd question because worth is subjective, however our society in the west, measures it objectively with numbers, those numbers being dollars. When someone asks you how much you are worth in a capitalist country they are often referring to the amount of money in your bank account or assets. This obviously is fantastic for people that are wealthy, they can measure their self worth easily, in the millions or even billions, but that high only lasts so long. What about the middle class or even the ones considered “under the poverty line”, how do they measure their self worth? Many, like me, have to find a different way to measure themselves, often in more eastern ways of thinking, such as kindness, compassion, and family.

Worth, particularly self worth, is entirely subjective and though I consciously know this, my subconscious still measures my worth like the capitalist country I was raised in, a world of dollars. Since that is not something I am very good at having around I feel less, less than those around me, inferior. However if I measure myself in another metric, such as words written, the last few weeks I have been doing amazing and my worth is soaring in the sky. Maybe not words written, but kind words spoken, then again I am doing well. Just because we were brought up to worship the Almighty Dollar, doesn’t mean we have to.

I struggle with this daily, the thought that my value rests in my bank account, when really it rests in how warm my heart is, the kind words I say to loved ones, the words I write down on the page. The fact that I move forward despite my programming, the fact that I am enough and that I matter. It takes diligence to try and hammer that into my thick skull, that I am enough, in this exact moment and moving forward, regardless of dollar amount or circumstance, I am enough and so are you.

“Never forget that once upon a time, in an unguarded moment, you recognized yourself as a friend.”

 ― Elizabeth Gilbert


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